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Here at Netwest Consulting, our business is exposing and fixing vulnerabilities that can damage the reputation of your business via cyber-attack and more. One the biggest liabilities to your business can be your very own website. Here at Netwest we test your systems for weaknesses and take the steps to eliminate these threats. In order to help you prevent an attack to your system, we have a team of professional staff. We have special expertise in assessing business web applications, Healthcare industry, State level assets.


What are the latest trends in cyber-attacks right now? Is your business able to take the financial hit should your website be hacked? These are all important considerations. Are you running a small business and think you are protected? Well, you may want to think again because about 60% of businesses with fewer than 100 employees will be attacked at some point. Turn to the expert consultations at Netwest Consulting to help prevent your business from being a victim of an outside attack.