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Network Penetration Testing

Identifies exploitable vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access to your organization’s network assets and staff.

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Social Engineering

Tests employee susceptibility to various attacks such as email phishing, fraudulent phone calls, and unauthorized facility access. Assesses technical security control’s ability to detect and prevent social engineering attacks.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Tests the wireless access points in place at your facility to determine the current security posture. Test for MiTM vulnerabilities  along with current SSL Flaws.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Combines all of the above services into a comprehensive attack against your company. This is a true test of the maturity of your information security program and your ability to detect and respond to attacks.

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Web Application Penetration Testing

With a focus on the OWASP Top 10, web application penetration testing uses non-disruptive techniques to identify weaknesses in your application code and database layers which could be exploited during an attack.


Netwest begins all penetration tests by using a combination of social and technical reconnaissance. Social reconnaissance gathers information from personal websites, social networking sites, technical forums, chat rooms, job opportunity posting, and documents that have been leaked or published. The objective of social reconnaissance is to identify the information that can assist with compromising the purpose. Typically, this information has included source code, confidential files, passwords, troubleshooting questions about IT issues etc.

Here, our consultants concentrate on discovering hosts, service fingerprinting, configuration analysis, web server directories, administrative portals, customer portals, and any possible hidden endpoints like cable modems. This discovery can also include examining the use of third party services provided by your company’s hosting provider, security provider, and more

The next step we take at Netwest is analysis. We examine all the information gathered and then we create a threat matrix. This threat matrix will identify any potential attack on your company assets and rank them by the probability of their potential success.

Network and System Penetration Testing is a test that pertains to Information Technology. This test will help identify the presence of points where a threat can easily result in the success of a hacker achieving entry.

Netwest helps prevent penetration by identifying these risks and providing solutions for remediation before they are able to launch such attacks. The remediation is not a “cookie cutter” solution . We carefully look at all the attack vectors and give you concrete solutions.

In order to ensure that Netwest is able to produce an accurate measure of risk, (risk = probability x impact) the tests are delivered at threat levels that are slightly elevated from those that are likely to be faced in real world situations. We can easily adjust threat levels by adding or removing attack classes. These attack classes are organized under three top-level categories : HIGH – MEDIUM-LOW