Why Do I Need A Penetration Testing Company?

In today’s business world, connectivity is a prerequisite to success in many industries. Even trade industries are starting to see the value in connecting with your clients and customers with apps and online services. However, more connection means more avenues where your sensitive information may be accessed. With the increased convenience of things like online banking, payroll, VoIP phone systems and more, it’s important for business owners to increase their vigilance. A penetration testing company can help you test your business’s vulnerability to information leaks or cyber-crime.


What is a Penetration Test?

A penetration test enlists the help of a Certified Ethical Hacker (or CEH) through a penetration testing company. In simplest terms, they will try to hack your network in order to find potential weak points where a criminal might gain access. They don’t just find vulnerabilities, they use real world tactics to determine how easy it would be to exploit those vulnerabilities.

This doesn’t just take place on computers. Information leaks and vulnerabilities often start offline. Do your employees routinely change their passwords? Are computers easily accessed by unauthorized parties?


Why Do You Need Penetration Testing?

Since nothing is technically unhackable, a penetration testing company will take in real world effectiveness of someone with criminal motives actually gaining access to your information. For instance, if you’re concerned about someone breaking into your car, even with the best locks, someone can still break the window. However, if you make sure there are no visible valuables in your car, it’s less likely for a criminal to even want to break in. By taking real world motives into account, you can formulate more effective security plan.

With the help of a penetration testing company, you can determine the viability of certain avenues of attack and the number of vulnerabilities you have. Once you know your vulnerabilities you can take steps to make your information less likely to be stolen.